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A 10 Episode Journey to show you how to regain your constitutional freedoms.

Your local elected officials have more "say" than you think, and could be standing in the way of your rights. We are tired of being misrepresented by these leaders who don't fight for our values. Join us and we will guide you through a process that will ultimately give you and your fellow citizens control over your lives and your community. Watch as we journey through one of the darkest moments in our Nation's history and fight to preserve what is ours, using the Constitution as our guide to restore our liberties and to return our country to it's rightful place as the shining city on the hill. This is a battle between good and evil.

We will reveal everything we have uncovered related to our local government in order to teach you how you can keep your own elected officials accountable to the Constitution and to the will of the people. Our bottom up approach encourages and inspires the virtues of courage, integrity, patriotism, and community. As we engage that deepest part of our soul that is best developed and nurtured under our God given freedom, we ask you to engage with us as we work tirelessly to bring you and your community the Red, White, and Blueprint. This is not only the story of how we are taking back our home; it's a story of truth over lies and good over evil. It's a story of tests, trials, and a chronicle of guts and triumph. Join our team and be a part of our story. It's going to take all of us.

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Episode 8 Election Day

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